Applied Kinesiology in Spain. Official training.


Applied Kinesiology Seminar (English Edition)

Fundamentals & structural techniques (22 - 24 October 2021)
Therapy localization and challenge. Starter protocols for your first visit and identify priorities. Vertebral and extremities dysfunctions. Soft tissue management. Injury recall technique and scars. Priority protocol and starter chart.

Craniosacral & temporomandibular joint (19 - 21 November 2021)
Stomatognathic system and primary respiratory system. Cranial faults and pelvic faults, De Jarnette categories. Meersseman Test basic level, TMJ, neurological tooth and hyoid. Ligament interlink. Diaphragm and reactive muscles. Integrative protocol module 1 & 2.

Functional biochemistry & Nutritional testing (17 - 19 December 2021)
Ultimate nutritional concepts. Testing of supplemens and offenders. Systemic Inflammation and Neuroinflammation.  Digestive System. Endocrine System.  Immune System. Pain management. Emotional techniques (I). Nutritional testing protocol.

Neurological Reflexes & Acupuncture & Emotional Techniques. (14 - 18 January 2022)
Switching, Cross Crawl  analysis. Acupunture meridian system. Hemisphericity. Emotional techniques (II). Gait testing and feet dysfunction. Integrative final protocol.

Course and modules Fees

*Early bird is valid within one month tops before the begining of the course or each module.
Online lessons will have 20% of additional discount.
Schedule: Friday (3-7pm), Saturday (9am-6pm), Sunday (9am-4pm).
Requirements: Chiropractors (DC) and Chiropractor Students.
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Complete the following with your personal data and add a document that certificate your degree as Chiropractor, Osteopath or Medical Doctor. In case you are a Chiropractic student send us the enrollment document. Check all the modules you will attend and attach the proof payment copy.

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