Kinesiología aplicada en España. Formación oficial.


of the Applied Kinesiology Course in Spain.

Great training of Applied Kinesiology that covers 5 modules, is quite wide and with very good contents. Mainly, I have been very surprised to learn new techniques such as "Injury Recall Technique" and cranial management technique to help patients with chronic problems who are suffering for many years. In these particular cases the IRT technique it has surprised both me and the patients. The truth is that you can see an important change in a single session that I had not seen before with traditional chiropractic adjustments. I encourage you to attend this great course.
Estudiante del Curso de Kinesiología Aplicada con centro a Barcelona y Gerona. Juan P Quiropráctico
Juan P.
Chiropractic Doctor - Chile
The Applied Kinesiology course is deep and has a lot of information with useful tools. Sometimes, when you treat patients that the patterns do not responded as it should be, the AK gives you a view and goes further to understand why something works or not, because many times we adjust but we don’t know how the patient is going to take the adjustment. I recommend this course, there is a lot to study but it has a lot of value.
Estudiante del Curso de Kinesiología Aplicada con centro a Barcelona y Gerona. Thomas Quiropráctico
Thomas C.
Chiropractic Doctor - France
I am a chiropractor from Italy I have been in practice for two years now. I came across AK to integrate and expand my knowledge. It was a really interesting course. Jordi was explaining really well, he has a really good and deep knowledge and understanding of the topic. So, it is really nice to be taught by him. It is going to help me, especially for the cases, where you are not sure where to go and there are not fixed in two sessions, so, if there something more complicated AK is definitively helping you to get it.
Estudiante del Curso de Kinesiología Aplicada con centro a Barcelona y Gerona. Eva Quiropráctica
Eva T.
Chiropractic Doctor- Italia
"The Applied Kinesiology course has been really good for me, to be more confident in what I do and to find more deepness and meaning to be a doctor. This method has taught me a lot of things. The only thing I can say is: do it!"
Student of the Applied Kinesiology Course with centers in Barcelona and Gerona. Mateo Chiropractor
Mateo F.
Chiropractic Student - France

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